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Arturo González

Since I was a child, my mother, when I had to study, hid my pencils and colored markers and everything that could distract me or that could be used to paint, walls, cabinets, tables, ceilings … without exaggerating, -any place was good -which blank canvas, to express myself-; therefore, to dedicate some letters to my mother, who has been responsible for some of her white hair, is not to overdo it, but to pay a fair, affectionate and loyal tribute. “… I remember you mom, when I am painting and you used to tell me, what will go through your head my son, to be painting and drawing constantly and everywhere…”

I have recently managed to collect just a few drawings and paintings with good fortune, because, to whom I gave them as gifts: family and friends, preserved my legacy -to whom I am grateful- and that I will show you in my Primigenia stage.

On a certain occasion in an interview I was asked what I did for a living; then, I answered very naturally that my profession was that of Lawyer; however, something inside me told me that there was something else I should add, my passion for the plastic arts claimed its position, I was underestimating a passion that had accompanied and seduced me all my life and that has given me so many good moments; it is like when a father is asked only about a son or daughter and wants to talk about the others that he also has.

Work style

A little more about my artistic career

Throughout my artistic development -not professional, since I do not commercialize my works-, I have been wandering through different pictorial styles; from realistic, figurative, still lifes, comics, landscapes to abstract, expressionist styles, etc…. all of them captured on surfaces of the most varied and diverse, getting different textures, such as paper, canvas or canvas, paint T-shirts, resin mannequins, interior walls such as plasterboard or exterior stone or brick, wood, glass or through the apps digitally and interpreted with different instruments, such as charcoal, pencil, pens, markers, pen, brushes and brushes, roller, spray ….

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My initiation in sculpture was through materials such as plasticine, papier-mâché or clay; but it was in 2019, when I decided to start a real sculptural process starting with figures in recycled paper to move them later to aluminum, leather, ceramics and other more serious materials such as bronze, iron, Corten steel…

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Ask me without obligation, I’m here to help you achieve that goal.

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