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Arturo González Angulo (pseudonym Glez).
Burgos (Spain) 1966.
Painter, Sculptor and Lawyer.

He begins his sculptural work, with an execution of the conceptually conical and cylindrical reality through a paper origami, versioning one of our most represented national and cultural icons as La Menina of the master of the Spanish baroque painting: Diego Velázquez.

He promotes a democratisation of art, with the vision that, where there is a piece of paper, there is a doll and therefore, a smile, creating a creative circularity.

From that moment on, his sculptural work began to be executed in different materials that were not so fleeting or ephemeral, such as leather, polyamide, wrought iron, Corten steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and silver.

Later he also began creative processes, both in painting and sculpture, of other national icons such as El Cid Campeador – in a nod to his native Burgos – or our flamenca, without forgetting others such as dogs, horses…

In painting, he develops all his creativity on any surface such as wood, metal, rubber, canvas, fabrics and even murals on exterior facades, in his inner thought he believes that any surface and object can create art by itself; In his artistic career he exhibits transitions from realism, surrealism, abstract and expressionism.

He has participated and currently participates in Spanish art fairs such as:

  • Mural culture event (street art) las Meninas de Canido (El Ferrol – Spain),
  • Artist 360º Art fairs (Madrid-Spain)
  • Artist Experience (Madrid-Spain)

And other international ones:

  • ArtBox Project World 2.0 (Zurich – Switzerland)
  • BBA (Berlin – Germany)
  • ArtBox Project Biennale di Venezia (Venice – Italy)
  • Art 3 Fair (Luxembourg)

“We all have artistic talent but it has to come to the surface to excite and seduce us”.


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arturo gonzalez


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